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Stop the War!!!

"All lives matter! Stop the lies! Stop the war!!!"

Styling and Credits:

[SPARVO] - Venous Access. Unrigged, with resizer, 2 veins options.

B(u)Y ME - Breathe Me, pose #2.

"Killer's" - Apocalypse Building Set.

"Killer's" - Apocalypse Bus Stop.

"Killer's" - Apocalypse Telephone Booth.


Effervescence - Eye Staples, bake on mesh with materials enabled. Left and Right eye options available. Lelutka Evo / Evo X / Genus / AK ADVX.

Volkstone - Joey Hairbase (3 bandage styles available), EvoX & AK ADVX.

Other styling and credits:

This is Wrong - Last of us shine+tattoo 3D

Garmonbozia - Daichi bandage

VELOUR HOMME - Eros Body Skin for Legacy (FIT)

Not Found - Seok Skin Medium.

[LEGACY] - Meshbody (m) Athletic Edition (1.6)

LeLUTKA - Tae Head 3.1

👉 Please try all DEMOS before buying any of these products as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/textures of the item due to photo taking environment and editing 👈

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