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Hi! I'm Vexx

Hello! I'm a resident In Secondlife since 2007, passed through several experiences as a role-player, builder/creator, photographer, real state manager.... now experiencing this metaverse as a fashionist blogger.

In real life I´m a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, crypto, technology, gaming, computing and also to deep relax in natural surroundings.

Feel free to join me in any of the platforms I use to connect with other SL residents and friends 😊

SecondLife ID: Vexx Daines

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- My little potrait (Daisy Bloom) - to post on Blog.png
Niely is here!

I love to explore a lot of things including world of fashion and photography, not only in my reality but also in my virtual world such as SecondLife too. I always like to try any style of fashion. I love to observe the beautiful nature in photography world. Love to meet and get to know people and makes a lots of friends. I love to learn and share. My motto of life “Life is short~ Make it worthwhile~ Don’t worry and be happy” 

SecondLife ID: Niely Atheria

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