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Training Day

"In the midst of an ordinary training day, try to remind yourself that you are preparing for the extraordinary"


Men Only by Flair for Events new round is here, check out now the following items and much more:

[CAROL G] - Wanted Male TaTToo.

Visera - *BACKDROP* SFC Fighting Championship.

La Plume - Collection Joe, poses.


-137 Speed Outfit, pants and shirt (at the right). Fitted for Gianni, Jake, Kario and Legacy. Available now @Man Cave.

- 071 Run, Shorts (at the left).

- Wes Hairbase, (at the right).EvoX & AK ADVX.

- Lewis Hairbase (at the left).

- Luigi Facial Hair [Stubble], (at the left).

Other styling and credits

L'Emporio&PL - *Luctator*:-Feet and Hand Bandage.

VELOUR HOMME - Eros Body Skin for Legacy (FIT)

f u o e y - Tyler Skin

[avarosa] - Tae LeL EVO X - Medium

[LEGACY] - Meshbody (m) Athletic Edition (1.6)

LeLUTKA - Tae Head 3.1

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