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The Titan

"Sometimes you're the only one that can save yourself, for no one is coming to save you"

KikiKaiKai - Double layer s/t wasou (outfit).

Gloom - Suupaa Dupa eyes Collection.

Usagi Society - Imbibitor Lunae Hair.

[Rezz Room] - Demon Animesh (Companion).

[SAC] - MP18 PLUS Pistol v1.15.

KNIFU - Ouija XL Plugs for Swallow male and female.

panDEMONium ink - Goated tattoo.

RAKE - The Ringmaster, HD eyeshadow, HD lips, beard and mustache.

*ZEROICHI* - Sky Roof backdrop. With 3 dedicated EEP's (bonus).

This is Wrong - Belial horns & makeup 3D.

Other styling and credits:

VELOUR HOMME - Eros Body Skin for Legacy (FIT)

[avarosa] - Tae face skin LeL EVO X - Medium

[LEGACY] - Meshbody (m) Athletic Edition (1.6)

LeLUTKA - Tae Head 3.1

👉 Please try all DEMOS before buying any of these products as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/textures of the item due to photo taking environment and editing 👈

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