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Mystic Dawn

"The Breeze at Dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep!"

NEO JAPAN is here. From March 23rd to April 14th, don't miss this great event, grab a limo and find out the amazing items it offers:

  • Timefarer Jeogori. Fatpack with 20 color Jeogori and 11 color inside shirt. Rigged for Legacy and Jake mesh bodies.

  • Timefarer Pants. Fatpack with 19 color pants and 10 color belt. Rigged for Legacy and Jake mesh bodies.

[Ginko Hair] - #161 Hair. Unrigged, 120 colors + tint, 2 styles.

HISS - Ruwen skin. Lip, eye, liner and lash makeup, eyebag.

Konoha - Prunus lanie trees - 3rd, Park Set. The trees come with 3 blossom colors in two density variation along with summer, autumn and snow season textures. And you can access the textures through a scripted menu.

Other styling and credits:

ALEX - Brunette Eyes

[LEGACY] - Meshbody (m) Athletic Edition (1.6)

LeLUTKA - Eon Head 3.1

 👉 Please try all DEMOS before buying any of these products as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/textures of the item due to photo taking environment and editing 👈


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