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Come Float With Us 🤡

"Aren't you going to say hello? Come play with the clowns, get tickets now!"

It's Friday the 13th and the Mad Circus is here. The Dark Style Fair by Flair for Events still runs until the end of month, it is loaded with spooky creepy scary stuff you can use for this Halloween season, don't miss it, grab your taxi >> HERE <<

@ The Dark Style Fair:

[THE ESCHATON] - Cirque Bizzare Male/ Female XL Guages.

[VERBOTEN] - Jakk (Hat & Cane).

BeSpoke - Skin (EVO X/SLUV) - Clown Makeup. Includes full body skin. makeup and face tattoos

Diaboli Design - BOLI Animesh (in the photo inside cage).

LORE - Forgotten Circus Fatpack, contains the cage, a platform, Carnival sign and ticket booth.

REBIS - Harlequin Tailcoat.

REPULSE - Psychotic Eyes.

👉 Please try all DEMOS before buying any of these products as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/textures of the item due to photo taking environment and editing 👈

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