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Balance... that's all!!!

Balance, among other things, is a sensible and reasonable attitude towards life.

A result of an unimpeded flow of energy that is expressed through the body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit. It is like a superhighway of connections and streams of consciousness, all working to relate together.

In a relationship, is a healthy relationship — it's about being equal partners and making sure that you're both feeling comfortable and supported. But it's also about making sure there's independence.

Styling & Credits:

Model avatar: Vexx Daines

Hair: [Dura] Dura-U117

Head Skin: [Mudskin] Skin of the Sunday

Body Skin: [Mudskin] Ultimated Boy

Body: [Legacy] Meshbody

Earrings: [E.S.Studio] Uzumaki Male Huma Evox

Bracelet: [Real Evil] Dragon Born bracelet

Pants:[Gild] Chill Suits Pants

Shirt: [Gild] Chill Suits Tank with Loop

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2022

Nice! 🙂

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