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Unexpected Encounter

"The expected is what keeps us steady. It´s the unexpected that changes our life forever!"

Featured Styling & Credits:

Synnergy.Tavis - Fall Roadway [360] Backdrop.

777 Motors - Bison. Realistic sounds and & lights, customizable license plate, poses & anims for drivers and passengers, 20 paint jobs for body, optional roof cargo box with 16 colors, color options for interior& rims with 40+ presets & custom choices.

Available @ManCave Event from October 17th to November 11th.

MACA - Ric set, includes shorts, shirt and jacket. Fittted for Legacy, Jake and Signature bodies. Buy the fatpack and get 9 exclusive colors.

Other Styling & Credits:

ARCHIVEFACTION_B/OPRINT - Sneakers. Unrigged and fit versions for Jake and Legacy M bodies.

BONDI - The Elite Sung. BONDI ED Gift.

[AR2 Style] - 8 Ball MALE Earrings for Swallow Gauged S.



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