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The Doer

So… you think I’m a destroyer?!

Don't be fooled by what you see, for things might not be what they look like to be.

You see? Change your perspective. only in the shattering can the rebuild occur and the only thing that tragedy gives us is the opportunity to rebuild everything again.

It’s not about the ashes, for they tell a tale of what was. It’s about having a vision sufficient to understand that the tale that lies among the ashes stands ready to build the dream that will rise above the ashes.

Now stand up and rise like a Fenix!

Styling & Credits


Pose: KNIFU - Kami Samurai Mega Pose Pack (Bento), pose Samurai Levitate 2. Available @TOKYO ZERO shopping event September round.

Backdrop: Synnergy.Tavis - Strange Domain [360] Backdrop.

Tattoo: MV Tattoo - Eutherian full body tattoo. Available @The Darkness Event from September 5th to 28th.

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