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Skates Dance

Fate may have brought us together, but it's my heart that wants us to stay that way forever ❤️❤️

Styling & Credits

Background: [Paleto] Backdrop Skate Park


Hair: [Dura] Dura-U117

Skin: [Mudskin] Felix

Earrings: [E.A.Studio] Uzumaki Male Huma Evox

Skates: [Gabriel] Roller Skate

Pants: [Gabriel] Metal Belt Pants

Jacket & Cyber arm: [Gabriel] Gravity Jacket & Arm

Googles: [ZEROICHI] V Goggle

Mask: [EXCY] Vanlith Mask


Head: Avalon Lelutka (EvoX)

Body: [Legacy] Meshbody (Special Edition)

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Bray hair (Windy)

Outfit: Gabriel (Eclipse Jacket, Bra, Pants & Roller Skate), (Cyber Fair, June 1st-20th, 2022)

Robot Hand: [The Forge] Kera Arms

Goggles: *ZEROICHI* V-Goggle – Event (Cyber Fair – June 1st-20th, 2022)

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