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#NA220 - What Are You Doing -

- What Are You Doing -

Styling & Credit:-

❤️ Lilleth. DOWN Collection - Compatible with GenX Classic/Curvy, Kupra, LaraX, Legacy, Matreya, Reborn/Waifu. Outfits are now available by size and include a color change hud. Single sizes: Buy your size only and get multi-color HUD & special effects HUD. Fatpacks: Includes ALL color packs and sizes & Fatpack discount. Try the demo before buying. Dress available at the main store.

❤️ [Rezz Room] Box Sniffer Animesh - Available at Rezz Room main store.

❤️ [Rezz Room] Box Tortoise Animesh - Available at Kustom9 on Feb 15th.

The animesh have two versions (Companion) and (Holdable). Second Life only allows 1 Animesh for the Basic Account and 2 for the Premium Account. You may need to adjust your pet's height or position according to your avatar. Click on the animesh pet to get the pop-up menu. You can read the notecard given for more details.

✨ Please try the DEMO before buying as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/texture of the product due to photo taking and editing ✨

More styling & credits:-

❤️ KUNI Hair - Anne

❤️ LeLUTKA Ceylon Head

❤️ [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition


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