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#NA202 - Woman In Red -

- Woman In Red -


❤️ .:{Sofia}:. Khoudia Star Gown Dress - Compatible with Erika, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya Lara, and Reborn meshbody. This Gown dress will look better if you use the alpha HUD of your body preferably hiding the legs and feet. Because some ao or animations will show your legs and it won't look fancy. To bring out the lighting details included in the texture of the dress, please activate the atmospheric effects. You can try the demo at the Sofia main store.

❤️ ORSINI Jewel Care WENDY Necklace

❤️ ORSINI Jewel Care WENDY Bracelets

Compatible with Belleza Genx Classic/Curvy, Inithium, Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn meshbody. Available at DUBAI EVENT

❤️ [monso] Emeline Hair - Comes with sizes and HUD color change.

DEMO at mainstore.

✨ Please try the DEMO before buying as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/texture of the product due to photo taking and editing ✨

More Styling & Credits:-

❤️ LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1

❤️ [Legacy] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.6)


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