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#NA175 - My Little Portrait #Memories -

- My Little Portrait #Memories -

"Like a shadow in the moonlight, like the whisper of the seas, like an echo of a melody, just beyond our reach. In the shadow of our sorrow, past a whisper of goodbye. Love shines through eternity, a heartbeat from our eyes. "

Featuring (styling & credits):-

❤️ POISON ROUGE - Annis Hat - FATPACK - Exclusive at ANTHEM EVENT Available in 10 Textures **Options: with and without feathers** Hud Resizer/Position

❤️ ORSINI AGATHE Necklace -AGATHE Necklace (Maitreya / Legacy / Belleza Gen.X classic & curvy / Reborn/ Inithium). Comes with texture/color change HUD

❤️ ORSINI AGATHE Earrings - AGATHE Earrings (all Bodies - Unrigged) - Comes with texture/color change HUD

✨ Please try the DEMO before buying as the color of the picture might affect the original colors/texture of the product due to photo taking and editing ✨


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