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Gimme the Ice Cream!!!

"Life is like an Ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts 😉"

Styling and credits:

  • Backdrop: *ZEROICHI* - CLASS 3-6. Room 54Li, Desks and chairs 5Li each. Desks and chairs are not fixed and can be positioned as you like. Materials enabled. Available now @Access.

  • @Man Only Event, June round from June 20th to July 15th:

KNIFU - Ammunition Gauges, rigged for Swallow gauged ears Male/Female.Comes with a hud for individual texturing.

//Rowers// - Cosmos Jacket Fatpack. Fitted for CZ, Davies, Jake and Legacy.

S H I M M - Lelutka Eyes Applier ~ BOM / CYBER V (From Bonus Pack).

  • @Mainstores:

KNIFU - Eternal Rest Ear Tattoo.

DURA - Hair U123.

[M E M E N T O] - FVTE Rings. 3 metal colors.

ALEX - Hyung Skin / MOON

  • For Niely's Styling and credits visit her Blog HERE

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