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Beware of Tatari-gami

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

According to Japanese Folklore, Tatarigami are the deified soul of people who died a tragic death. It is also believed Tatari-gami are Shikon (four spirits) which are held in awe but avoided, and believed to become a powerful guardian god if treated cordially. It is also believed that whether to receive a benefit or misfortune depends on the depth of a person's faith

Styling & Credits:

Background: Synnergy.Tavis - Hellish Rhelm [360] Backdrop. Exclusive to Second Life's Shop & Hop Event.

Neo Japan Event is open now, don't miss the opportunity to participate in this great SL event, from September 24th to October 16th.

Your limo to Neo Japan HERE

Neo Japan Exclusives:

- Tatarigami_Red pack. The outfit includes arm cover, Kimono, akama, leg covers and sleeves. Rigged for Gianni body only.

- Accessory pack. Includes Aura (not earing in the photo), Hagoromo. Sisimai and Kutikase (gag). Fitted for Gianni body only.

Air - KEGON (Japanese clogs). 6 colors available and material change by touch (silver or gold).

L'Emporio&PL - Dragon's Grip hand Armor jewels. Fit for Beleza Jake, eBody Reborn, Inithium Kario, Lagacy m/f, Maitreya and Gianni.

KMH - Hair F208


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