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Angel Wrath

"It was pride that changed angels into devils. It is humility that makes men as angels."

Abstrakt Event new round is around the corner, don't miss it from January 15th to February 5th. Check out the following item, grab your limo >> HERE <<

[FFS] - Angel Valkyrie. Includes staff and headpiece feathers, bento wings, unisex Bom body applier with pasties and string. For Evox and SLUV heads.

Other sponsor:

- Aim necklace (double neacklace). Rigged and Un-rigged versions. Can be worn separately.

- Mere bangles Metal. For Legacy male and female, Legacy Athletic, Jake, Gianni, Reborn.

Other styling and credits:

Wasabi - Draco Mesh Hair - B&W

Noche - Porter Loin Cloth White.

[LEGACY] - Meshbody (m) Special Edition (1.5.1)

LeLUTKA - Eon Head 3.1

VELOUR HOMME - Eros Body Skin for Legacy (FIT)

Not Found - Ichiru Skin Ruddy (Lelutka Evox)


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